Join IPI “Pre-Flight” sessions online

In the run-up to the IPI conference in May 2022, all those involved and interested in industrial print integration are welcome for preview sessions with our speakers and exhibitors. During a series of free webinars, IPI supporters give short presentations and are open to discuss audience questions. Check full programme details and register here.

Save the date for 2022

The return of the pandemic has forced us to cancel Industrial Print Integration in 2021.


We are now working on the next year’s edition which will take place on 18-19 May 2022 in Düsseldorf-Neuss, Germany. Subscribe to our mailings to receive the latest updates on IPI 2022.

Topics Covered

  • advanced industrial printing
  • industrial print precision
  • modular print components
  • industry 4.0 integration
  • high-level automatization
  • integration with robotics
Sustainability & Environment
Business-Related Concepts


Proven Track Record

ESMA conferences have been promoting industrial print applications for almost 15 years now. Events such as GlassPrint, Advanced Functional & Industrial Printing, Printed Interior Decoration and Direct Container Print have been successfully showing the way for printing on glass, plastics, aluminium, textiles, ceramics, wood and other materials. Today, ESMA is building new bridges for specialised markets, helping them understand the advantages of print.

It's time for IPI!

The new big event for screen and inkjet printing in various manufacturing processes



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